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Drawing every day strengthens hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor skills. Looking at subject matter and then rendering what you see engages both hemispheres of the brain which is good for the brain and body in terms of agility and recall. 


"This all goes part way to explain why, after two hours of life drawing you feel exhausted yet invigorated". 

In June 2023 Merthyr  attended a daily life drawing group in Paris, working alongside a group of practicing artists.

This self-initiated experience had the effect of removing preconception from the drawing process, allowing a more perceptive way of seeing, and  intuitive end results.


While in Paris Merthyr discovered a wholesaler of original vintage gallery posters. These are printed llitho or screenprint on heavy fine art paper.

A couple are attributed to Picasso - but whatever their provenance they are pieces of history and charming graphic images.

You will find a curated collection of these posters in the "Shop".

Email here if you would like more information or to purchase. 

The purchase price includes GST and delivery within New Zealand.

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