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AWA .     

From the water series.

We swam in rivers as kids - sometimes on horseback.

I remember the exhilaration of that still. In those days the rivers were clean and ran at their full capacity untouched by the fertiliser and irrigation which is destroying them as we speak.

This work was shortlisted and sold at the 2022 National Contemporary art award.

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Ambiguous possibilities

The brain’s right hemisphere can deal with several ambiguous possibilities at once.
This ability is the essence of consciousness as it helps us see the world as it is – without pre- conception. With no right hemisphere we would be in a perpetual loop referencing our own pre-conceived notions .

Shortlisted for the NZPPA award in 2021

Blue/Yellow Abstract.


 I used gesture to make marks in blue which assumed the rhythm of  written sentences : the patterning created a semblance of eloquence.

The Blue and yellow I used in this work are complementary colours which create their own energy when used in close proximity to each other.


Color makes its impact from contrasts rather than from its inherent qualities. Monet

Shortlisted for the 

Parkin art award in 2020

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